Give It To Me     MacAteer Brothers Book 5 

“Wake up, brother. We’re here.” Angus woke to his brother’s shoulder shake. He sniffed and stretched his neck to relieve the cramp from sleeping against the truck’s window. He’d taken the first leg of driving while Patrick snoozed.

“Connor’s place?”

He groaned and put his fingers to the knot at his neck. Fuck, I’m getting too old for this.

Patrick opened the glove compartment and pulled out a stick of Axe deodorant and a comb. “No, dumbass. Bevvie said they were goin’ out for a bit tonight. Come on. I need to get out of this fucking truck and into a pretty lass. It is my day, after all.”

The knot started to release under the pressure. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Patrick slipped the scented stick under his shirt and swiped it under his armpit. “Angus, what’s the date?”

Angus thought for a moment and grinned at his twin. “Aye, I see what you’re saying. St. Paddy’s Day.”

Patrick grinned back as he ran the comb through his thick ginger hair. “It is our duty, no, our obligation to go in there to see family and make our presence known to this city in the biggest, loudest fashion possible.”

Angus smoothed a hand over his head. The sides were shaved close, but the top and back he kept long. Both men had similar styles but wore it differently. It was the only way most people told them apart. Patrick liked his long hair loose and flopping to one side, while Angus preferred to keep his in a Viking braid on the back of his head. “Well then, brother, let’s not keep the masses waiting.”

Patrick tossed him the deodorant. “Good idea to freshen yourself a bit after ten hours of driving.”

Angus caught the stick and applied it as Patrick got out and raised his arms to the night sky in a long, bone-cracking stretch. “Let’s get this party started, brother.”

Truthfully, Angus would be just as happy going to their hotel room and crashing for the night, but Patrick would never dream of staying home on St. Paddy’s night. Or any other night most of the time.

Home—a strange word to use when their entire lives had been spent traveling around the country working on job site after job site. From the time they could grip a hammer, they and their brothers and sister had worked the family business. That broke up a few years ago, and both Patrick and Angus continued to travel and work different crews and jobs. Home didn’t really have a meaning for them other than cheap hotel rooms or renting a temporary crappy apartment.

The lights from the bar and sounds from the Irish band bled outside to the street. His second wind came when Patrick opened the door and stepped inside.

Patrick lifted his hands high, palms out, and spread his legs to take up as much room as possible. “Bow down, mere mortals! Patrick and Angus are in the hoooooouuuuuse!”

Angus smiled as he waited for his twin to get his ya-yas out. Of the two of them, Patrick was the party-seeker and more outgoing one. Angus followed and did his own share of partying with his brother, but without the same level of spectacle. They drank, sang, flirted, and picked up women together, but whereas Patrick lived and breathed to have fun, Angus had his moments where he needed space away from people.

Not tonight.

“Patrick!” Beverly, his oldest brother’s wife, hurried over to him. Melanie, the pretty blonde that Owen somehow had snagged, followed closely behind.

“Ah, me bonny sister-in-law! Please tell me you’ve come to your senses and ready to run away with me?” Patrick put his arms around the stout woman and squeezed her in an enormous hug.

Beverly hugged him back, then punched him on the shoulder. “Not a chance, little brother. You want a shot or a beer?”

His face feigned horror. “Lass, don’t you know me? Both, of course.”

Beverly turned to Angus and treated him to the same big hug while Patrick greeted Melanie.

“So good to see you two here.”

Her words meant more to Angus than he could say. Beverly represented to him the mother figure he never had growing up. His own ma had died when he and Patrick were three years old. All he had were vague memories of a large woman who smelled like cookies and gave big hugs. “Good to be here. Real good.”

He released Beverly and followed her to the bar. “I’m so dry, dust would go down easy.”

Hugs, handshakes, and backslaps happened as the brothers loudly greeted each other. The bartender set two whiskey shots and two green beers for the newcomers. Patrick eyed the woman as he picked up the small glass in one hand and the beer in the other. Angus did the same. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sláinte!”

“Sláinte!” Garrett, Connor, and Owen switched to beer. Glasses clinked and lifted. Patrick turned to the youngest woman who appeared to be a part of the group, and a big flirty smile plastered itself across his face. “So is your name Happiness?”

The woman giggled and ducked her head. Angus recognized the look in Patrick’s eye. Always on the prowl for a new conquest, Patrick seemed to be on a mission to fuck as many women as he could. Fat, thin, older, younger, the only requisites were single and willing.

Angus took a swallow of his own beer. He wasn’t exactly lily white in that area. Most of the time when Patrick picked up a woman for the night, he did too. They’d brought women back to a shared motel room and even tried switching up once just to see if the women noticed. They’d experimented with a few threesomes; however, that kind of kink didn’t fly very long. Oddly, it was Patrick that put the kibosh on the practice.

“No offense, brother, but there’s no pussy shortage out there. We can each get our own.”

Angus agreed, but for different reasons. He and Patrick shared a womb and spent their existence as mirror images of each other, but they were two separate men. As such, Angus kept a few secrets to himself.

Melanie’s voice broke into his thoughts as she pointed at his twin. “Don’t you try anything with this one, Patrick MacAteer. You either, Angus.” She turned to face the petite female. “Fair warning, sister. These two are the biggest horndogs God ever put on this planet. I wouldn’t take anything they say seriously.”

Patrick pretended to be hurt. He put a hand over his heart and made a gulping sound. “Shot dead. Oh, cruel, cruel woman! You’ll dance over me grave at midnight, won’t you?”

“Absolutely, if you fuck with my friend here.”

Angus put his empty shot glass on the bar and took another big swig of beer. “Ah, now, lass. We won’t fuck with your friend.” The stink-eye Melanie shot at him should have burned him to a cinder. Melanie used to be one of the biggest party girls in Asheville until she became a mother and hooked up with Owen. Angus laughed and winked at her. No doubt she caught the subtle play on words.

He turned his full attention to the small brunette perched on the barstool. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Rhyleigh Givens. Part owner of the yoga place, along with Melanie and Bertie.”

Her hazel eyes met his. That was all it took.


Angus owned a special set of tools made from powerful earth magnets. When they turned the right way at the right time, they instantly attracted to each other and could not be separated, no matter how hard he tried. It took the combined strength of him and Patrick to pry them apart. Angus swore he heard the click of those magnets joining when he and Rhyleigh locked eyes.

Melanie could warn all she wanted, but Rhyleigh just became his.

She saw it too, in the widening of those incredible orbs and the sudden intake of breath. She reminded him of a rabbit caught in a hunter’s gaze. A combination of wonder, excitement, and fear reflected back to him. His groin tightened as he imagined that same look when she was underneath him with his dick buried deep inside her.

“You’re Bertie, then? Garrett’s Bertie? Nice to meet you. Connor tells us you’re not a raving lunatic bitch like the last one.”

Patrick’s question caught Angus’s attention, and he broke the stare with Rhyleigh. The woman standing next to Garrett smiled and stuck out her hand. “Yes, I’m Bernadette, or Bertie for short. And no, I’m not a raving lunatic. Bitch only when necessary.”

Angus chuckled as he sipped his beer. Garrett’s life had been rough this past year as he’d tried to make a relationship work with a woman who did more taking than giving. He finally broke it off and had recently gotten involved with a new woman, Bertie.

Conversation continued around him, including an attempt from his twin at flirting with the bartender, Sloane, which she was quick to shoot down. When Patrick leaned over the bar and started talking to Sloane, Angus let the conversation flow around him as he sipped his beer. He took the opportunity to move and stand next to Rhyleigh, close enough he could smell her fresh clean scent, something light and floral.

 “What does a yoga instructor do? Teach classes and shit?”

Her throat bobbed as she swallowed, and Angus noticed the jump in her pulse. He had the urge to put his tongue to that spot and taste her rapid heartbeat.

She inhaled sharply, as if just remembering to breathe. “I do a few classes at the community college right now. The studio is just getting started, but I’m planning for a lot of classes, groups, and private coaching. I work at Trader Joe’s part-time, but I’m hoping that once the studio takes off, I can work that full time.” She tentatively smiled at him. “It’s been my dream to do this for a long time. Ever since high school.”

He sipped his beer. “How long ago was high school?”

Her laughter came out like silver bells; pure and light and with a touch of underlying relief. “If you’re asking how old I am, I’m twenty-seven. I tried the college thing, but academia and I don’t mesh real well. I used to do a lot of sports like volleyball and gymnastics and kept up with some of that through the adult league at the Y. My leg and shoulder tendons started giving me trouble, and my physical therapist told me about yoga. Been doing that ever since. It’s kind of an obsession now. You know? Getting healthy and staying that way?”

Angus leaned in so she could hear him better and to see how she reacted to his closer proximity. He expected the mundane conversation had relaxed her impression of him, and he wanted her off-balance a little longer. “I eat my veggies and burn a lot of calories just being in construction, but I’m not one to restrict myself from enjoying life’s offerings.” He lifted one of the colorful Irish Flag drinks Sloane poured for them and offered it to her. “Maybe you should indulge once in a while too.”

He was sure she got the meaning behind his words. “Um… I already had one and I’m driving. So….” Her voice trailed off as she lifted one elegant shoulder.

“One more. I’ll take care of you.”

She took the shot with a smile. “Okay, but only this one. Got it?”

He nodded and smiled with approval. Even though she looked like a tiny kitten attempting to spit, she still took the drink when he pressed her. If she protested a second time, he would have backed off and regrouped. Unlike his brother, the chase was the part he loved the most. The longer it took, the better the win. He watched as she downed the drink. She huffed at the burn and he fished a couple of ice cubes from the cooler near his hand. “Here.” He held one to her lips.

“Thank you.” She tried to take it from him, but he moved it back from her grasp.

How far would she let him push her comfort zone?

“Let me. Open up.”

The cubes dripped from his fingers onto her shirt as he put it back to her mouth. Those hazel eyes widened at him, but she parted her lips and allowed him to slip the two cubes inside. The kitten sheathed her claws. Satisfaction filled him as she crunched on them. “I’m not much of a drinker.”

Melanie’s announcement grabbed his attention. “We have a babysitter who’s probably watching the clock about now. Love that you guys are here. Talk business and shit. We’ll see you tomorrow at lunch, yes?”

Patrick bounced up. “Party poopers, the lot of ya. Come, me true loves, dance with me before I grow roots.” His twin grabbed a surprised Rhyleigh from her perch and pulled her with him, snagging Bertie along the way. “My beautiful new girlfriend, please don’t leave me!”

Angus ground his teeth at the interruption but then relaxed and let Patrick have his fun. There were plenty of women at the bar, and if Patrick stayed true to form, he’d be sampling as many as he could before settling on one.

Rhyleigh wouldn’t be it.

He sat with his brothers as they commandeered a free table. It was hard to hold any kind of conversation while the band played. Patrick hopped on stage to join them, singing “The Rattlin’ Bog” at the top of his lungs. The audience loved it and gave him a big round of applause as he took an exaggerated bow and jumped from the stage. Bertie returned to Garrett, leaving Rhyleigh with the jumping mess Patrick called dancing. She kept up for a while and matched him dance for dance, but she gave up after several other women joined them. She came back over to the table, her beaming face shining with sweat as she breathed heavily. “That’s it for me, guys. I have an early shift tomorrow.”

Connor looked up. “Are you safe to drive home?”

She nodded. “Yeah, I didn’t drink all that much, and I just burned through what I did. Your brother has more energy than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Angus stood up from his chair. “You sure?”


“I’ll walk you out.”

“Oh, you don’t have to do that. My car isn’t too far.”

He smiled at the renewed game. “I’m not asking, darlin’. I’m walking you out to your car. You’ll get in it and drive home. When you get there, you’re going to text me to tell me you got there safe. Understand?”

Her lack of protest told him volumes. She nodded in agreement. “Um… okay. I’ll need your number.”

“Open your phone and hand it to me.”

She did, and he quickly programmed his number. A moment later, his phone beeped from his back pocket. He took her elbow and steered her to the exit. As they left, he slid his hand to hers and grasped it firmly. She stayed by his side and let him lead her.

“My car is over there.”

“Got your keys?”

She handed him a set with a fob, and he beeped open the locks. When they reached the car, he pulled her around so her back was to the door.

She looked up at him with wide eyes. The dim streetlight reflected the bits of green floating in the brown of her iris. She shivered as he deliberately tested her personal space. “Thanks for walking me.”

Her voice was steady enough, but Angus noted with pleasure the increased pulse in her neck. “No problem. I wouldn’t be much of a man if I let a pretty woman go to her car by herself, especially from a pub full of drunk, happy men. Safety first, right, darlin’?”

She gave a short laugh. “I guess so.” Her lower lip folded into her teeth as she dropped her eyes from his. “Am I safe with you?”

His gaze focused on her lips. “You’re always safe with me. Mind if I ask you something?”


“Are you married or have a boyfriend?”

Her laugh came out again. This time with a nervous tinge. “No. I’ve got too much to do for that right now. Why do you ask?”

“Because I don’t want some jackass coming after me for doing this.”

He wound her long loose hair around his hand and used it to tug her head back. She gasped at the pull and he took the opportunity to cover her open mouth with his. His tongue speared inside, and he slanted to deepen his reach. She let out a half-groan, half-whimper as he stroked her mouth. He sensed her acquiescence when she raised her hands to clutch at his work shirt and relaxed, allowing him free rein. He explored her mouth, drawing her tongue out to taste and to play. Sweet! So fucking sweet!

Her tentative touches sent bolts of electricity to his groin and his dick swelled. He got the impression she wasn’t a virgin, but not exactly experienced either. The thought of teaching her something of himself? Intoxicating.

He kept hold of her hair while he ended the kiss with one last tongue touch. His mouth hovered over hers and he felt the quiver in her lips and her panting breaths. “Remember the instruction I gave you?”

She swallowed before answering. “Yes, I do.”

“Good. Get going, sweetheart. I’ll be waiting for your text.”

He watched as she got in the car on wobbly knees and drove away. Normally, on a night like tonight, he and Patrick would be out on the prowl for a good time and he would take the pleasure offered. With his good looks and practiced lines, he easily found willing women to spend the night in his bed.

The taillights of Rhyleigh’s car flashed red as she paused before turning a corner. So why didn’t he push her? She was pliable enough that just a bit more effort on his part, and she would have been under him until tomorrow morning. It was that magnetic pull. He recognized it; she didn’t and it would take time to plumb the depths of the attraction. Delicious, seductive, time. Angus licked his lips and tasted the remnant of their kiss. Sorry, Melanie, but there was no way he was through with Miss Rhyleigh Givens.

ML Nystrom

Author  of MC and Contemporary Romance.