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Let's Paint the town pink!

A bit of a spoiler, so if you want the surprise twist it the book to be a surprise, read it first before you read this blog post

I’m a proud wallflower. One of my talents is I can be in the middle of a large group of people and still be alone.

I’ll be the one at parties or gatherings, sitting on the sidelines and watching people rather than being in the middle. This is not something I mind as it gives me time to observe and I’m okay with my own company. I discover some of my favorite characters this way.

Patrick MacAteer is my opposite. He loves being in the center of the action at all times. If there’s a party, he’s in the thick of it. He flirts, dances, sings, and thoroughly entertains those around him with his wit and charm. I’m sure we all know someone like that. The man who draws every eye in the room and seems to crave the attention. He might or might not be the handsomest man, the most educated, or the most talented, but he’s the one every woman wants to meet and be with.

Some of us have figured out that life isn’t always a party. Reality can set in pretty quickly with just five words. “Your test results came back.” Risk It All isn’t just about the fun-filled Patrick. It’s also about Sloane.

Sloane embodies many women I’ve met and known in my life. She reflects the feisty lady who works harder than anyone else in the room and puts herself and her own needs last. Her priority is success and security. I got the idea for her character when I heard those five words said to me. Smacked me in the face pretty good and I had that realization moment that it was time to pay some attention to me, rather than everyone else around me. Thankfully, my test results turned out to be benign. Not so for some of my friends.

Sloane struggles with her challenges, but she deals with them in her own way, choosing lots of color in her life. I admire that about her. She makes me want to put on my pink hat, and I hope she does the same for you.


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Author  of MC and Contemporary Romance.

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